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The Child Obesity Movement for the Latin Community “Move with Nohelia” is the voice for families within the Latin communities bringing awareness to the child obesity epidemic.
Through education with fun "Exercises For Children" and "Nutrition For Families," the program focuses on giving Hispanic children and their parents the power and tools to fight this disease.

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 12.5 million children aged 2—19 years are obese. Since 1980, an obesity rate among children and adolescents has almost tripled. Hispanic children are significantly more likely to be obese than non-Hispanics. Nohelia inspires children to transform their lives by transforming their health. Our children are the future and they deserve the best.

Our Goals:

- To create a fitness plan for 10,000 schools nationwide.

- To get 80,000 Latin families nationwide how to eat healthy and exercises in a fun way

How We Are Doing This:

We will accomplish our goals by advocating for and participating in Physical Education within public and charter schools, promoting through media and sponsoring fitness events.






In 30 days it is possible for your child to have more energy and increase his or her self esteem.  My fitness programs for kids will give your child a healthy body.  Remember that when your child is healthy, he or she will have more muscle and bone mass, less body fat, improved sleep, and a faster metabolism.  You as a parent will know that you have done the biggest part in changing the old habits. more ....


As a fitness professional, I understand how hard it is to maintain an active life and healthy eating habits.  It is this very passion to living a full healthy life that has driven me to embark on this career.  Teaching people how to become healthier and fitter is what I do best.  Not only do I enjoy helping others discover the right balance between their bodies and minds, but also building up their confidence to bring out the best body they could more ...


In my years of experience working with fitness programs for kids, I have discovered that the hardest thing for kids has been keeping up with a fitness plan.  This is why I set up fitness programs for kids that have a unique approach which allows me to address their special needs.  These programs are special because they work on areas such as decreasing body fat, Improving muscle and bone mass, increasing the ability to perform work with less fatigue, and increasing metabolism and endurance; all of which make the heart stronger.   A strong heart means a healthy child.

One of the problems that children find is that most programs are designed for adults.  For this reason many children do not obtain the results that they seek, and they lose interest in programs that are not enjoyable for them.

My programs for kids offer the best personal training workouts because they are designed expressly for children.  Since children enjoy fun and games, the exercises are presented in the form of games.  This is why I offer simple strategies and tactics that will change your child’s body composition at the same time that he is having fun playing.

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